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"Life does not follow clear lines or prefabricated patterns. It is free, unexpected, and touching." Relevant topics of the present are Grafy's inspiration - showing other perspectives is his credo. His intention is to achieve perfect, aesthetic balance and make emotions 'visible' through complexity.


Grafy is a German artist, born in Mannheim in 1998. Today he lives and works in Hamburg. In his artworks, he merges his love for calligraphy with his passion for ethnology, focusing on original scripts and forms. The autodidact artist transports calligraphy, pop-art of the sixties and urban street art into the 21st century. 


In recent years Grafy has been successfully exhibited in Munich, Hamburg and Monaco. His artworks are traded internationally and can be found in various private collections worldwide.


2023 + Identity - Donner & Reuschel, Hamburg

2022 + Different - Beton Gold, Sylt

2021  + Unseen - Barlach Halle K, Hamburg


2022  + The Beginning - AT.43

2021  + Ein Wiedersehen - Kappich & Piel 

2020 + Highlights - All You Can Art Galerie 

2019  + Transmission - Azaro Art Spaces Galerie 


2024  + Hamburg Leuchtfeuer, Fairmont VierJahreszeiten

2022  + ProAm - Beton Gold - Sylt

2021  + Performance - Classical Beat Festival 

2020 + TV Art Live Gallery - Monaco 

2020 + Art Box Berlin 

2019  + Herqul German Boxing Awards 

2019  + Auction - Christie´s - Bridging the Gap 


Lübecker Nachrichten 

NDR Radio Kultur NDR 1 Welle Nord


NDR Sh-Magazin

RTL Nord

Delüx Magazin

Moin Magazin

Szene Hamburg

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