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BARLACH HALLE K              

31 October -07November, 2021 Klosterwall 13, Hamburg

Grafy Scattered Eye Artwork

CREATIVE OUTBREAK  X  Model: Maya Andrews
SCATTERED EYE  3 Meter X 3,80 Meter

With an extraordinary event in the Barlach Halle K in Hamburg Grafy mixed up the German art scene from Saturday, October 30 to Sunday, November 07, 2021 and showed more than 40 artworks of his creation. Art historian and gallery owner Dr. Barbara Haubold guided through the evening of the vernissage:


"It is a pleasure to be part of this special exhibition. The unique perspective that characterizes Grafy's works always conveys a positive note despite moving emotions and shows that ups and downs are closely connected. An elemental message that is more important than ever in the current times."

Grafy Abstract Artwork
Grafy Attraction Artwork



The COV19 pandemic forced the world to a near standstill. A seemingly invisible danger whose consequences became visible to everyone.

And made an immense impact.

Influenced by this time, Grafy used the immanent impressions to capture them for posterity.


Grafy Art Last Breath
Grafy Painting Press Play To Restart
Grafy Artwork Cut Myself
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